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World Pet Association (hereafter referred to WPA),with its headquarter in Hong Kong, has been certified by Apostiile, and is a joint organization sponsored and established voluntarily by individuals and units who are engaged in the pet industry. It is also a social group of membership owning independent corporative qualifications, and is devoted to be the most authoritative pet association in the world. WPA devotes itself to build an international, professional and authoritative platform conducting communication and cooperation in pet industry based on global market and industry.


WPA advocates pet-lovers to raise and breed pets in a scientific, civilized and legal way. Meanwhile, WPA disseminates and popularizes knowledge about purebred pets, fights against killing, maltreating, abandoning and eating pets or doing experiments on pets. Based on promoting the healthy and harmonious companionship between humans and pets, guaranteeing and upgrading the pet qualities, WPA will push forward the healthy and ordered development of pet industry economy.


WPA, with its purpose of "Playing the role of pet association to promote the development of pet industry", unites together with world excellent pet organizations and leading experts specialized in pet authentication, breeding, training, feeding, grooming, healthcare, trade fair and other aspects relating the development and research of pet industry. By formulating and carrying out the model codes to meet the demands of international pet industry, our association would like to unite and lead pet-related individuals and enterprises around the world, and further to launch a series of activities such as pet lineage authentication, BBS expo, qualification selection and recommendation, journal edition and publication, online mall conduction and international communication and cooperation, etc.


Business Scope:Industry regulation, international cooperation, pet exhibition, pet authentication, information exchange, consulting service.


Objectives:To integrate industry resources; to condense industry strengths; to regulate the industry; and to promote the industry development.


Visions:To shape our association into an international profession organization with global orientation and industry synergy; to develop our association rapidly to achieve a higher professional level and market influence.


Duties:To create innovative industry management modes; to build a sincere service team; to enhance industry market benefits; to build industry service brand.


Principles:Making industry benefits at the core, giving services as main part, industry market as orientation and innovation as its driving force.


WPAs' qualities:responsibility; kindness; gratefulness; treasuring


WPAs' spirits:communication; innovation; struggle; sharing


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