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 Criterions and Procedures of Membership


Any enterprise and public institution, social group, staff, and entity who are engaged in pet industry and the management' production, operation, scientific research, teaching and learning, publicity and service of relevant pet industry and any pet lover may apply for joining WPA by acknowledging and abiding by the Articles of WPA, implementing its resolutions, and voluntarily performing obligations. Members of WPA are divided into group members, individual members and honorary members. Honorary members: Celebrities at home and abroad, experts and scholars who enthusiastically support our work, make great practical and academic contributions and staffs of WPA who make remarkable achievement may be awarded Honorary Member.


Procedures of Membership for Group Members:


(1)Submit enrollment applications to secretariat of WPA;


(2)Fill in application form for group members;


(3)Enterprises offer the counterpart (or copy) of business license issued by local industrial and commercial bureau and brief introduction of the enterprise.


(4)Public institutions offer the counterpart (or copy) of legal person's registration of institutions and brief introduction of the institution;


(5)Social groups offer the counterpart (or copy) of legal person's registration of community and bylaws;


(6)Submit above-mentioned materials to the secretariat of WPA for audition and to the board of director for approval;


(7)After paying membership dues, group members will be awarded certificates and plaques.


Procedures of Membership for Individual Members:


(1)Individuals submit applications;


(2)Fill in application form for individual members;


(3) Offer two color (1-inch or 2-inch) photos without hat taken recently;


(4)Submit personnel materials to secretariat;


(5) Report to the board of directors for approval after auditing by secretariat;


(6)After paying membership dues, certificates will be awarded.


 Procedures of Membership for Honorary Members:


(1)Submit application;


(2)Fill in application form for honorary members;


(3)Offer two color (1-inch or 2-inch) photos without hat taken recently;


(4)Submit personnel materials to secretariat;


(5)Report to the board of directors for approval after auditing by secretariat;


(6)Will be awarded certificate of honorary members without paying membership dues;


 Individuals and groups of any circumstance as follows shall not be allowed to join WPA:


(1)The individual who is deprived of political rights and is still in the criminal penalty;


(2)The enterprise who is in the period of bankrupt and readjustment;


(3)The individual who have no capacity for civil acts or limited capacity foe civil acts;


(4)Person who practice fraud during application;


(5)Any individual or group of other circumstance prohibited by state laws and regulations.


Rights and Obligations of Members of WPA


Rights of Members:


(1)  Have the right to elect and be elected, and to vote;


(2)  Have the right to voice their comments, suggestions and supervisions;


(3)  Enjoy priority and preferential rights of service provided by WPA;


(4)Have the priority to publish papers, release achievements on scientific research and product information;


(5)Have the priority to take part in the activities held by WPA such as trade talks, expos, exhibitions, trade shows and seminars, etc.;


(6)Have the priority to participate in domestic and overseas training and survey, technical exchanges and other relevant activities organized by WPA;


(7)Enjoy preferential policies of releasing information, advertising and showing in various activities held by WPA and on the journals;


(8)Have the right to require WPA to protect its legal rights and interests against infringement;


(9)Have the right to require WPA to reflect its reasonable opinions and suggestions to government;


(10)Admission into and withdrawal from WPA are on free will.


Obligations of Members


(1)Observe the Articles of WPA, and implement the decisions of WPA;


(2)Actively promote the development of WPA's causes, and preserve the reputation of WPA;


(3)Actively take part in and assist in the activities organized by WPA, and response and provide WPA with relevant information;


(4)Broadcast and popularize the scientific knowledge of pets, and promote new technologies, new achievements, new products and new breeds;


(5)Consciously abide by state laws and regulations, and fulfill their own duties;


(6)Pay membership dues as required;


(7)Fulfill the mission as trusted by WPA.


Withdrawal statement from WPA:


(1)Members shall deliver a written notice to WPA, and return membership cards;


(2)It is regarded as automatic withdrawal from WPA if a member neither pays the membership dues nor takes part in the required activities within one year period.


(3)In case members withdraw or are expelled from WPA, their membership dues, endowment and donations will not be returned.




《Application Form for Individual Members of WPA》


《Application Form for Group Members of WPA》