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Dogs Authentication and Selection Rules



    1    Qualification of Eligible Personnels


    1)    The personnel whoever applies for Dogs Authentication shall be the member of WPA, and shall manage and complete the annual relevant formalities of membership.


    2    Qualification of Eligible Dogs


   1)    The dogs involving in Dogs Authentication shall be the registered dogs of WPA.


    2)    The eligible dogs shall be one of over 340 purebred dogs (except for the German shepherd dogs, as there are relevant certification authorities ratified by the world in China).


    3)    All the eligible dogs shall pass the lineage authentication conducted by WPA or shall have the pedigree certificate approved by FCI (WPA has the right to refuse any dog that not meet requirements of WPA to be involved in authentication).


    4)    All the eligible dogs shall not be allowed to take irritable drugs, and WPA has the right to take drugs test on any suspectable eligible dog during participating in judgement as requested by referees. The member shall accept the test unconditionally. If the eligible dog is approved to have something wrong by the test, it will be stopped to continue to participate in selection. Meanwhile, WPA has the right to punish the eligible dog and the owner.


    5)    All the eligible dogs shall keep hair quality and color. WPA has the right to punish according to relevant provisions on the eligible dogs dyed or using hair-bright articles as verdicted by the referee.


    6)    The dogs that can attack people or other dogs shall be prohibited participating in selection. The dogs that must participate in selection shall be locked in the specific cages, otherwise the owner shall bear all the consequences in case of any accident.


    7)    Dogs that are in oestrum or lactation period shall be prohibited to participate.


    3    Selection Rules of Members and Dogs


    1)    Members shall show the membership card at the entrance for coming in and going out review area. The membership cards shall only be valid to themselves.


    2)    The applying dogs of members may be allowed to enter with the number armband. Only two people (the pet beautician and the handler) will be allowed to enter with the owner.


    3)    Only the full member of WPA can have the qualification of Dogs Authentication.


    4)    The owners and the dogs shall abide by the relevant provisions of Dogs Authentication.

    5)    Members can only enter the review area after managing relevant formalities (evaluation card, number armband and order notebook) for eligible dogs. And all the eligible members shall try best to manage relevant formalities for the eligible dogs in advance. WPA will not charge fees relating to the eligible dogs in the review area unless on special occasions. Members shall pay entry fee for the eligible dogs to the Secretariat of WPA before starting the competition.


    6)    Members shall take the lineage certificates of the eligible dogs to participate in the selection, In case of any doubt on the lineage certificate, Members shall contact with the secretariat of WPA for handling before.


    7)    The eligible dogs shall participate in the selection in accordance with the censored contents stipulated by WPA such as dog groups, dog breeds and dog age groups.


    8)    In case of suffering any acute disease or special occasion that the eligible dog fails to participate in selection, the authentication can be applied for delaying.


    9)    Members have the obligations to and shall keep the order of the review area. Any member and pet beautician shall not be allowed to arbitrarily enter or pass through the review area and to throw litter about. In case of any phenomenon said above occurs, WPA has the right to stop or punish the member.         


    10)    Any eligible dog that has completing relevant formalities shall participate in the selection in corresponding group. During the selection, all the eligible dogs shall not privately withdraw from selection without the clear approval of the referee.  In case of any phenomenon said above occurs, WPA has the right to stop or punish the member.     


    11) The dogs that have completed the selection shall be put in the dog cages at the appointed area or lodging place. Any dog in loose or stayed in the review area, gallery or game fence is prohibited.


   12) The referee will give rating and award the eligible dog prize and certificate.

    4    Illegal Treatment Regulations and Measures on Members and Dogs


    1)    Unfinished the formalities of selection:


    In case of failing to manage the relevant formalities of the eligible dogs before the selection, members may reapply relevant formalities at the appointed area (field office).


    2)    Withdrawing from the selection for no reason:


    The situation of withdrawing from the selection for no reason:


    2.1) Do not apply for delaying the authentication and for withdrawing from the selection in the absence of exceptional circumstances;

    2.2) Do not apply for withdrawing from the selection under special occasions;


    2.3) Withdraw from the selection without the approval of referee and WPA after applying;


    2.4) Do not participate in the selection for no reason after applying;


    2.5) Withdraw privately the selection without the approval of referee during the formal dog show.


    WPA has the right to cancel the qualification of the eligible dogs.


    3)    Incomplete Qualification of Members or Dogs:


    Members and dogs shall abide by Dogs Authentication Rules of World Dogs Association. In case of failing to enquiry account because of remittance problem in the day of selection, the member may continue to participate in selection with the receipt. In case of failing to provide relevant proofs due to special reasons, the member may be allowed to participate temporarily, and shall be checked by WPA after selection:


    3.1) Members conducts cheating. (For example, do not pay annual membership dues or entry fees).


    3.2) The eligible dogs are found to invalidation of application (For example, using false lineage certificate to register).


    WPA has the right to cancel the test scores of unqualified dogs, and cancel all the test scores of dogs that have problematic data.


    4)    Incomplete qualification of Members


    All the members that participate in the selection shall complete relevant formalities (such as paying or repaying annual membership dues) before starting the selection. Members may remit dues to WPA in the way of post office remittance. After the selection, WPA will reconfirm the qualification of members who haven’t completed qualification one week after selection.


    WPA has the right to pause members’ qualification to participate in the selection.


    5)    Dogs having false information


    All the registered dogs shall fill in the application form faithfully. In case of finding any false content in the form before or during the selection, such as:


    5.1) Applying for authentication with false lineage certificates.


    5.2) Forging fake dogs to apply for authentication with valid lineage certificate.


    WPA has the right to immediately suspend the qualification of the eligible dogs.


    6)    Members that entering the review area to call or allure dogs without admittance.


    The eligible members ( or dog owners), dog raisers or handlers enter the review area by climbing over fence without permission to call or allure dogs, or, call and allure dogs with forbidden goods outside the fence.


    WPA has the right to do as follows: Taking a verbal warning as the standard, whoever is above the standard will be recorded, and his eligible dog will be degraded as requested by the referee based on the actual situation.


    7)    Members who don’t respect the referee or hurt the referee and other staffs purposely.


     All the eligible members shall accept the result made by the referee unconditionally. In case of any doubt on the result, members may negotiate with WPA after the selection. In case of disobeying the judgment made by the referee and that any occasion occurs as follows:


    7.1) Abuse or insult the referee, chairman, vice chairman, secretary-general and staffs.


    7.2) Hurt the referee, chairman, vice chairman, secretary-general andstaffs purposely.


    WPA has the right to cancel the qualification of members and prohibitthem to join in WPA.


    5    The Censor Content of Dogs Authentication


    5.1) Outlook—uniformity, temperament, hair;


    5.2) Head—head, forehead, snout, eyes, ears and face;


    5.3) Body—neck, back, chest, rib, sternum, waist, buttocks and tail;


    5.4) Fore quarters—shoulder, fore limbs and paws;


    5.5) Rear quarters—buttocks, thighs, knees, hocks and paws;


    5.6) Gait;


    5.7) Character and mental state;


    5.8) Group censor contents in different groups


    In the above sections, the standards set the ideal state of every part, and clearly formulate the common pitfalls and disqualification conditions.


   6    Rating Rules


    Excellent Level (scores 90-100)


    The Honor of Excellent Level Shall only be awarded on the dogs that nearly meet the ideal standards. The dogs shall be in good health, stable temperament and noble posture. The other slight defects can be ignored due to the outstanding features. But the dogs shall have typical sex character in any case.


    Better Level (scores 80-89)


    The honor of Better level shall only be awarded on the dogs that have typical dog breeds; The dogs shall be in balanced posture, good health. A few defects can be ignored, but the defects of natural posture shall not be allowed. The tab of Better Level can only be used on the dogs that are approved to participate in the exhibition.


    Good Level (scores 70-79)


    The dogs that are awarded the tab of Good Level shall have the major breed characteristics, but also have obvious defects.


    Qualified Level(scores 60-69)


    The dogs that are considered as Qualified Level shall fully be subject to the breed characteristics but have no typical features accepted by the public or sustainable physical conditions.


    Disqualified Level (scores 60 below)


    The dogs that disqualify the Standards are considered as disqualification. Their performances are as follows: their habits are not inconformity with the Standards, or they are aggressive; their testicles vary; there are defects on their teeth or the frontal bones; they have unsatisfied hairs or furs or skin diseases; they perform single traits and are difficult to inconformity with the Standards leading to bad health.


    Any dog that is inconformity with any of above-mentioned conditions shall withdraw the selection.


    Authenticity unverifiable


    The dogs that are not good at running, jumping up and down beside the handlers, or dogs try to escape from the lantern ring so that can’t be judged by their gaits and step rhythms will be considered as authenticity unverifiable. Or, dogs that refuse to be censored so that the referee can’t diagnose their occlusion, teeth, skeletal structures, hairs, tails and testis will be considered as authenticity unverifiable. Or, dogs that cover the scars of operational treatments which are considered to change the original features (such as eyes surgery or aural or tail operations) will be considered as authenticity unverifiable.