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1. Copyright


The complete domain of world-pet.org is www.world-pet.org or world-pet.org, which owns the copyright of all materials of this website. Without a clear written license, any organization or individual shall not copy or establish the mirror beyond the server belonging to world-pet.org. 


2. Web Usage


World-pet.org and any of its components shall not be reproduced, duplicated, copied or used for business purpose without permission of world-pet.org. In case of any illegal act or the damage of web interest made by users which confirmed by world-pet.org, world-pet.org and its affiliated enterprises will retain (including but not limited to) the right to deny offer service and take relevant legal actions.


3. Links


All the information released on world-pet.org is provided by the net friends of world-pet.org and is derived from Internet, and its legality and authenticity shall be borne by the net friends and information-providers. The information includes but not limits to commodities, service and the price, quality, package, pictures, texts, after-sale service, terms of delivering goods and areas of delivering goods of information, etc. In case of any controversy and dispute concerning to commercial quality, refunding and exchanging goods, service defects, fake and exaggerated information and so on, negotiation can be made with information providers and suppliers in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. World-pet.org shall not bear any direct or indirect legal liability for the information.


All the information on world-pet.org including but not limited to site operations or the information, contents, materials and products on the website, world-pet.org will not provide express or implied warranties including but not limited to offer commercial implied warranties for specified purpose. Any lost or lost caused by using this website including but not limited to direct, indirect, accidental, punitive and trigged lost shall not be borne by world-pet.org.


Users shall bear the responsibility of the published contents, and all the speech of users shall abide by state laws and regulations. Users shall not publish the information concerning to: 1.endangering state security, divulging state secrets, inciting subversion of state power and sabotaging national unity, etc.; 2.inciting hatred or discrimination among nationalities or harming the unity of the nationalities; 3.spreading rumors, disrupting social order and harming social stability; 4.disseminationg the content of erotic, gambling, violence, homicide, horror or abetting in crime; 5.insulting and defaming others or revealing others’ secrets, harming the collective and others’ legal rights. Otherwise, any result shall be borne by the publisher separately.


For the moment you publish information, the system will automatically record your IP, and your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. This act is for the purpose of providing material basis for the national security departments and the public security organs to investigate when in need.


Supplementary Provisions:  
1. The right to explain, modify and update the exceptions belongs to World Pet Association.

2. World Pet Association meanwhile owns the domain of world-pet.com and world-pet.net.

3. There is a need to please send email to wpa@world-pet.org