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President Obama Says Bo The Dog Has More Charisma Than His Mother-In-Law

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President Barack Obama slipped up during a Wednesday campaign speech and said his dog has more charisma than his mother-in-law.


"Let me say something about my wife," Obama said during a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa. Michelle Obama had addressed the crowd moments before he took the stage.


"I don't usually like to follow her speaking. Because let's face it, on the charisma rankings in my household, you've got her, the girls, Bo and then my mother-in-law and then me," Obama said to laughter.


He quickly corrected himself and bumped Bo, the family pet Portugese water dog, down a notch, below his mother-in-law. For good measure, he lavished her with praise.


"Actually, my mother-in-law is before Bo, obviously," Obama said. "I love my mother-in-law, too -- that’s where Michelle got her looks from."