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Research reveals pets being fed deadly diets

Post time:2013/3/26 9:54:18 Author: wpa Hits:1015

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Research carried out by the PDSA has revealed that 18.5 million pets are being fed deadly diets, which are making their lives a misery and putting their health at risk.


Recipe for disaster

The 2012 PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report, which was was carried out conjunction with YouGov, received 3,956 online responses from owners of dogs, cats and rabbits, as well as 466 veterinary staff.


The charity claims that the findings are representative of all pet owners in the UK, which is how they concluded that more than 18 million pets are being given unhealthy diets. Furthermore, 13.5 million of these regularly receiving fatty and sugary treats such as takeaways, crisps and cakes.


According to the research 48% of owners admit to giving their pet a treat because they think it makes their pet feel happy, while 29% of owners say it’s because it makes them happy.


"Vet practices across the UK see the consequences of pet obesity every single day such as obese dogs unable to enjoy regular walks due to exhaustion, fat cats that can't jump or play, and rabbits so hopelessly overweight they can't clean themselves properly," said PDSA vet Elaine Pendlebury.


Healthy meands happy

As with humans, obesity in animals can also cause arthritis, diabetes and heart disease, as well as lowering their life expectancy.


In a bid to flight the flab, the PDSA has launched an annual pet slimming competition, encouraging owners to improve their pet's diet and daily exercise.


Last year's winner of Pet Fit Club was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who weighed 20.5kg, making him 105% overweight before he got with the programme. Jack could barely walk, and didn't even have the energy to bark or wag his tail.


Jack was rehomed and his new owner, Rose Welch, signed him up to the club, where he was transformed into a fit, happy and healthy dog.


“Diet is one of the most misunderstood welfare need for pets," said Elaine. "But it’s never too late to make a positive change and over the years the pets taking part in our Pet fit Club competition have all been given a new lease of life. Owners have reported that once their pet has lost weight it has made their pet much happier as well as healthier.”


In it to win it

The PDSA is looking for 30 overweight dogs, cats and rabbits to take part in the free six-month diet and exercise programme, overseen by PDSA vets and vet nurses. The pet crowned Pet Fit Club Champ will receive a year's free pet food, and the owner will get a pet-friendly cottage break.