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Texas Aims to Ban Gas Euthanasia in Animal Shelters

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In Texas today there are close to 30remaining animal shelters that continue to use the inhumane method ofeuthanizing cats and dogs in gas chambers. Over 100,000 cats and dogs areeuthanized each year in these gas chambers with a procedure that is both grimand antiquated.


But soon there may be good news for theseunfortunate animals. According to My San Antonio, the Texas legislature is hardat work to ban the practice in order to help put an end to this compassionlesspractice, which many of the pets in the state still endure.


Under legislation on Thursday, March 28, ina bi-partisan vote, the State Senate unanimously passed S.B. 360, a bill inwhich the procedure of putting cats and dogs to “sleep” with the use of carbonmonoxide would be prohibited.


Announcing the Senate’s action, StateSenator Kirk Watson, (D-Austin), the bill’s author and also a passionate animallover, posted on his Facebook page: "Killing dogs and cats with carbonmonoxide is cruel, expensive and dangerous.” adding that homeless animals andpets deserve better.


And on KXAN, Senator Watson was quoted assaying, "SB 360 is an effort to assure humane end-of-life treatment forhomeless animals. As a pet owner, I've made end-of-life choices thatdemonstrated sensitivity and respect for the animals I've loved. Animals livingin shelters deserve that same consideration."


 Forfinal passage, this measure must now go on to the house, where it is sponsoredby Eddie Lucio, (D-Brownsville). It will then be up to Texas Governor RickPerry to sign it into law.


When issues concerning animal welfare areon our representatives’ table, I think we must thank the elected officials whoauthor and co-sponsor the critical legislations that help put an end to animalsuffering.


Texas residents can do just that by  thanking their State Senators for taking thishumane action, and then by calling and emailing your House Representatives, byasking them to support the ban on the use of gas chambers for shelter pets. Ifthe House passes the legislation, then ask Governor Perry to please sign itinto law immediately.

Hundreds of Rare Pig-Nosed Turtles Rescuedat Airport


Illegally traded reptiles were destined forEurope or Asia, authorities say..


Nearly 700 endangered pig-nosed turtleswere confiscated at Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta, Indonesia, on March 15,according to news reports.


Awen Supranata, the head of the JakartaNatural Resources Center, believes the turtles were destined for Europe or Asiaas part of an illegal pet trade, the Associated Press reported.


The person responsible for shipping the 687turtles remains under investigation, Supranata told AP.


These rare freshwater turtles can be foundonly in northern Australia and southern Papua New Guinea. Due to illegal trade,fishing, and hunting, the reptiles are listed as vulnerable by the InternationalUnion for Conservation of Nature.


The turtles will be treated and monitoredby the Jakarta Natural Resources Center before being released back into thewild.


This incident comes only days after anotherillegal pet trade activity was thwarted in Thailand. Two smugglers were caughtat Thailand's Suvarnabhumi International Airport with 54 ploughshare tortoises.That's roughly 10 percent of the species' estimated wild population of 600,according to IUCN, which lists the tortoise as critically endangered.