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Garlic Remedies for Dog Health

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Garlic remedies for dog health are growing fields for dog owners. Garlic health remedies have long been heralded as a plant that is very helpful for human health. Humans, however, aren’t the only animals that benefit from this tasty treat. Dogs do as well when garlic remedies are used for dog health to help treat various ills.

Garlic remedy methods

Here are some of the ways garlic remedies can help your favorite four-legged friend, simply by using garlic herbal remedies:

1. Protection against fleas. This is likely the most popular reason for feeding dogs garlic as a garlic remedy for dog health. There is current debate over whether it works by masking the dog’s odor and thereby making it harder for fleas to find their target, or if it works by changing the pH of the blood and making the garlic herbal remedy unpalatable to the pests.

Some, of course, debates whether it works at all. The easiest way to find out if garlic remedies are working for dog health is to feed your dog some garlic and see if doing so abates the parasite problem.

2. Improvement of liver function. Garlic remedies are thought to be good for the liver.

3.Improvement of cholesterol profile. Like humans, dogs sometimes experience a cholesterol-lowering effect from the regular consumption of garlic. Dog health is similar to human health when it comes to garlic remedies.

4. Immune system boost. Garlic stimulates the production and activity of the immune cells that kill invading microbes. Some say that this garlic remedy can boost and help fight cancer.

5. Antibacterial effects. When ingested, garlic can help fight infections of the mouth, throat, stomach and intestinal tract. To fight infections of the skin, diluted garlic can be applied to the affected area as a tincture.

6. Improvement of cardiovascular health. Garlic is a mild blood thinner, so it may help prevent clot formation in the veins and arteries. Its cholesterol-lowering effect helps prevent atherosclerosis, which is a cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Dosage amount for garlic remedies

The amount of garlic to be given to a dog is an important consideration when using garlic remedies. At very high doses, garlic, like most other things, can become toxic. Five or six full bulbs, or about 30 cloves, is said to be the limit. Your pet should consume much less garlic than that on a daily basis, so there will be nothing to worry about unless you go wild with the amount you feed him or her.

According to Dr. Dave Summers, a study on garlic as natural remedies showed that the amount needed to cause toxicity in dogs would amount to 30 percent of their usual food. Cats, however, are much more sensitive to garlic as a natural remedy. Therefore, garlilc should only be used as a garlic remedy topical ointment in cats, if it is used at all.

Raw garlic as a health remedy for dogs

Cooking garlic is likely to wipe out its medicinal properties, so when it is to be used as garlic remedies, it should be left raw. Try grinding it up and adding it to your pet’s normal food to keep its power and liven up the usual fare. Another alternative is to use garlic powder.

Use garlic health remedies for an antibiotic skin treatment, using raw garlic or fresh raw garlic juice. Garlic juice should be used within three hours of pressing the cloves. When used as a flea repellent, garlic health remedies should be eaten along with normal food rather than applied to the fur or skin.

As previously mentioned, garlic health remedies are also known to be good for humans. This means that you can give your pet the same herbal supplements you take yourself. Just remember that powdered garlic is more concentrated than the fresh version, so be sure to take that into account when setting the dosage. Garlic remedies for dog health, or even cat health, can be dangerous if not used correctly.