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The 1st Xiamen International Pet Expo 2014 & the Formal Issue of Magazine PET PAL

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In the morning of July 18th, 2013, the press conference for the launch ceremony of “the 1st Xiamen International Pet Expo 2014 & the Formal Issue of the Magazine PET PAL” was held in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. This conference was geatly supported by Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen Municipal Exhibition Bureau, Xiamen Municipal Exhibition Association and Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, and concurrently reported by many relative media such as Xiamen TV, Straits TV, XIAMEN BUSINESS, STAITS MORNING AND STRAITS MEDICAL NEWS. Dozens of domestic well-known pet industry expets were invited to attend the press conference, which makes the scene enjoy a warm atmosphere. The guests all expressed their best wishes to the 1st Xiamen International Pet Expo and the Magazine PET PAL.


At 9:00 am, the guests arrived at the conference scene one after another. 300 seats set up in the meeting hall and were nearly occupied. At the opening ceremony, the host made a detailed introduction of the special guests: President Wang Zhongquan of Taiwan People’s Party, Taipei government adviser Wu Muchuan, deputy secretary general of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee Zhan Yuwei, director of Xiamen Convention Bureau Wang Qiongwen, Taiwan’s noted pet grooming expert Zeng Bocun, Professor Shao Liangping of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, senior pet nutritionist Wang Tianfei, well-known dog trainer Liu Xiaowei, Xiamen animal protection scholar Xiao Bing, etc.
At the beginning of press conference, Secretary General Ji Rongxing of World Pet Association made a speech on the association’s future development plan. WPA hope that the expo will be a great opportunity to gather the pet enterprises together , spread pet professional knowledge, unearth cutting-edge information and establish a platform for the pet enterprises to advertise themselves. With the aid of the cross-strait economic development trend and Xiamen’s supportive policy for the development of exhibition industry, WPA will strive to make it be an international pet expo and make a contribution to Xiamen’s development of exhibition economy. At last, Secretary-general Ji expressed his warm welcome to all the guests, enterprises and news media.


On behalf of Taiwan guests, Taipei government advisor Wu Muchuan highly praised the push effect for the pet industry cooperation between Chinese Mainland and Taiwan brought by this expo. In the end, he expressed his most sincere wish to the Pet Expo and formal issue of Magazine PET PAL.


The “1st Xiamen International Pet Expo” unveiled its mysterious veil and embraces all the guests under the atmosphere of good wishes. The expo’s speaker Zhang Feida introduced the preparation work of this Pet Expo, hoping that the pet enterprises will participate actively in this wonderful exhibition from around the world.


Following closely the launch ceremony of pet expo, the formal issue of WPA’s Magazine PET PAL started.The pet magazine integrated with fashion, profession and high grade, aims at providing a platform for the pet enterprises to advertise for themselves by offering the cutting-edge and professional pet information, and sharing the real and happy pet stories.


After the ceremony, General Wang Zhongquan released his greetings. Then the noted dog trainer Liu Xiaowei and his beloved dog “Bai Maonv” made a wonderful performance of “people dances with dog”, in which the dog’s smartness and spirituality gained the guests’ applause. Both Mr. Wang and Mr. Liu expressed their good wishes to World Pet Association in different ways.


During the press conference, the organizer World Pet Association also planned “Summit Forum for China Pet Exhibition Industry”, which provides a good platform for the communication and cooperation of pet industry. WPA’s senior expert advisor Zeng Bocun, Wang Tianfei, Shao Liangping and Xiao Bing all shared their own ideas and opinions on the research field, making all the guests benefit a lot. In addition, many pet enterprise’s representatives and pet lovers also shared their experience of raising pets actively.


The press conference for the launch ceremony of “the 1st Xiamen International Pet Expo 2014 & the Formal Issue of the Magazine PET PAL” achieved a great success under the support of all the staff of WPA and other people.