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Pet Pal

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                                            Pet Pal

If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does like this, just because your laps are warmer.                                     

                                                                  -----Alfred North Whitehead   


In daily life,  with various pets blending into human beings, pets have become an indispensable part in people’s life. The bring us happiness and take us far away from sorrow and loneliness; They share pure love with us and carry us through problems. So, let us get together to protect and love them with our whole heart.   


Pet Pal, the publication of World Pet Association, proposes to love life, love pets and promote the harmonious relationship between human beings and pets.


Pet Pal, a periodical sponsored by World Pet Association, is forged into an international, professional and high-grade pet periodical with multicolor and fashion.


Pet Pal, concentrates on deeply exploring and comprehensively analyzing pet culture and economy at home and abroad, devotes to promoting the communication of pet culture and the development of pet economy and other relevant activities, and shaped into a powerful and indispensable pet magazine.


Pet Pal is open to pet lovers at home and abroad and is planned to published quarterly in the number of 80,000.    


Based on the position of pet lovers, service organizations and advertisers, Pet  Pal records the harmonious relationship between humans and perts and the information and news related to pet economy with focus on service interaction, so as to create a full-open communication climate, and forge a comprehensive pet magazine with new concept.


International Communication Column

International Front-line: Publishing latest treaties and thesis related to pet industry of international pet experts.

World Pets: Reporting the information about pet expos, fairs and appraisals over the world in due time.


Fashion Column:
Pet  Pictures:  Selecting some pets pictures which featuring pet stars.
Pet   Lovers:  Interviews with leaders in pet economy and senior pet breeders.
Pet    Stars:   Recommending and Introducing the pet stars at home and abroad.
Pet T-Terrace:   Latest pet clothes and styles.


Life Info. Column
Pet        Loving:  Popularizing the knowledge of raising pets; Guide to pet business.
Pet Introduction: Introducing a kind of pet including its history, characteristics ,habits and stories.
Pet      Products: Marketing latest pet products and new creations.
Pet         Brands: Recommending manufacturers of pet brands.


Grooming & Healthcare Column
Pet  Grooming: Information about pet grooming;
Pet Healthcare: Knowledge of pet healthcare.


Affective Interaction Column
Pet Stories: Telling stories about pets and their owners.


Welcome to get in touch with the editors to contribute or show your pet brands.
Let’s work together to make Pet Pal well run.