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2013 World Pet--China Pet Groomers Summit & Seminar of Show Poodle Grooming

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World Pet Association(WPA)  

Asian International Pet Training School Association( AIPTSA)



American Shajin Pet Products Co. Ltd. ( Shanghai Lianying Pet ProductsCo. Ltd)

Japanese Beauty More Grooming Products Co. Ltd.

Chinese excusive agent of Wangfu Pet Products-- Beijing Weiyeinternational Trade Co. Ltd.)

Taiwan Chuanji Pet Grooming Products CO. Ltd.

 DELIGHT HELLOPET international-famous pet grooming products Co. Ltd.

 Brazilian Carnival & Gaoshime Pet Grooming Products Cp. Ltd.

Canadian Oscar Electric Scissors Co. Ltd

Taiwan YOYO Scissors Series & Pet Shampoo Series Co. Ltd.

Shanghai YOYO Pet Grooming &Training Products Co. Ltd.

Time: May 29th , 2013( Wednesday) to May 30th , 2013 (Thursday)

Place: Fenhe Hotel in Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Active Program:

1. Seminar ofinternational pet groomers on show pet grooming;

2. Trade fairof top pet grooming products of world-famous brands by Chinese agents;

 Seminar of international pet groomers on showpet grooming:

Honorary President   Kaven Chen World Pet Association (WPA)

President  Jianxin  Wu CEO & Speaker ofAsian International Pet Training School Association

Japan    Misa Onobuyuki  Normal-grade Tutor of Japan Forestry andFisheries

(Translator   Wei Lin (China Taiwan)   Normal-grade Tutor of Japan Forestry andFisheries)



May 29th (Wednesday)--

Registration:  08:00-08:30

Opening Ceremony: 08:30-09:00

Theoretical Lecture on Poodle Dogs ofContinental Europe Type: 09:00-11:30

Lunch: 11:30-13:00

Operating Explanation on Poodle Dogs ofContinental Europe Type: 13:00-17:00

May 30th , 2013 ( Thursday)--

Theoretical Lecture on Little Poodle Dogs:08:00-09:30

Operating Explanation on Little PoodleDogs: 09:30-12:30

Lunch: 12:30-14:00

2013 World Pet--China Pet Groomers Summit :14:00-16:00

Issuing Certificate of seminar ( Signed byMr. Misa Onobuyuki  and photo with)

Cost: 1200 yuan RMB per person ( presentinginternational-famous pet grooming products with 1800 yuan market price)



Xueyan Lin            

Tel. 13063052119


Email: ;lxy@world-pet.org