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Contribution Solicitation of Magazine Pet Pal

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The pets’ world, we never understand; the humans’ world, they never leave.


When you are wandering in the world, the one who accompanies you is your loyal and beloved pet; when you are encountering difficulties, the one who silently protects you is your beloved pet; when you are happy, the one who shares your happiness is still your beloved pet.


We carry forward the harmonious coexistence between human beings and animals; we embrace the human love to pets; we advocate the attitude of raising pets in a civilized way; we highlight human’s truth, goodness and beauty.


Please take up the pen, tap the keyboard and hold the camera to record any moment of the sweetness with your beloved pets. No matter you are happy or sad, noble or ordinary, in the past or in future, in the north or south, please record details with your beloved pets with the trickle of words, splendid moments of photos, or any possible way you can get to send to us. We Pet Pal will compile and edit them attentively to share with all the pet lovers and our beloved pets.


All the manuscripts, rules and regulations on writing will be beyond our minds. You don’t be stingy to imagine and write, and just write anything about pets. What is more, it is not welcome if you use other people’s stuff as yours, so please send us your original works.




1. The manuscript must be in DOX and be sent by email, please do not do multiple contributions with one manuscript.


2. The photo must be in jpg with the resolution ratio of 300dpi.


3. When you submit your manuscripts or photography works, please write your telephone number, email address, mailing address and postcode.


4. The author has to keep the manuscript. If you haven’t got the call from us within one month, you can deal with your manuscript in anyway. Please note that the manuscript won’t be send back.


5. Our editorial department has the right to revise the manuscripts, so if the author does not agree with this point, please remark it in your email. Once your manuscript is adopted by our magazine, we will immediately pay the contribution fee and send you the sample issue.


Contribution and Contact Ways


1. Contribution Email: petpal@world-pet.org


2. Address: Pet Pal Editorial Department in WPA Management and Consultation (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd

Room A01, 7th Floor Taishang Building, Xianyue Road No.860, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China


Tel: (0086) 0592 3681567


Postcode: 361000